Since the pandemic and frankly before we have noticed a concerning trend within the municipal water and wastewater industry. Preventative maintenance has taken a back seat to staying afloat operationally, in many cases. It seems most of our customers are dealing with either short staff to operate fully and/ or budget constraints not allowing for time and people to perform maintenance properly.

The long-term negligence leads to a snowball effect in my opinion where the operators and maintenance personnel more often are working around broken equipment or limping along with little to no backup plans. The cost to repair broken pumping or process equipment can be extraordinarily expensive these days, not to mention the difficulties getting parts on a timely basis. An affordable, comprehensive preventative maintenance plan is paramount to a healthy operating system.

CSS performs a vast amount of preventative maintenance on a variety of equipment at an affordable price. CSS can perform system analysis to help determine an order of priorities for equipment needing rebuild or wear item replacements in a likely order of failure. Let CSS help get back in front of your system maintenance with our team of talented service personnel. We can customize a plan based on individual needs to fit even a tight budget.

Preventative maintenance can save you from very costly damage down the road.

Water treatment repair project
Water treatment repair project